Blog #13~ College Visit!

Yesterday our whole 8th grade class (estimated 300 students) went to different colleges sponsored by our Gear Up grant. We took a quiz on Naviance a few months ago and that is what determined where we went, based on our interests. I was chosen to go to Simpson College, in Indianola. It was a lot of fun, I went with 3 different teachers, and 1 of our principals, and a bunch of my friends. First thing in the morning, we took attendance in our 4th period class, and loaded onto our buses after figuring out what groups we were in. My bus ride only took a little under 2 hours, and we were all pretty comfortable on our charter buses so I don´t think anyone minded. It was a beautiful day and thankfully we got to be outside for some of it, but first we had to go meet a couple people. A tour lady took us to a medium sized room and introduced herself, then introduced us to their Art teacher, Bob Kling. He gave us a couple souvenirs and had talked for a bit. Then he introduced their Music teacher, and he talked about music and theater but wouldn´t sing for us. Bob had a quick little prize give away and a few people walked away with one of his limited edition paintings. After that we split up into groups of 14, which we got to pick, and a tour guide took us around. We saw the dorms, which are air conditioned, and the classrooms too. They have a 17:1 ratio of students and teachers, making this a smaller college, but its also a Private College so it makes sense. Simpsons campus was beautiful, lots of trees and flowers, places to relax, and a church too. And that was one of my favorite parts, just seeing all of the scenery put me into a good mood. After a while of touring my group got hungry, so we said goodbye to our tour guide and went to eat. All in all, my group went to lunch 30 minutes early, and just kept going through buffet, then the other groups showed up and we ate for the other 30 minutes, until we had to leave. Simpsons food was really good, with a huge variety, Ice cream included. It was a great trip and I´m glad that I got to go there and hopefully I can go back sometime.


Picture thanks to Wikipedia.

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